Sunday, 17 December 2017

How I introduced to digital marketing

How I introduced to digital marketing

Well, this is the first post on the blog. This is Buddy newbie to Digital World around us. Recently I was surfing on YouTube, I came across this term 'DIGITAL MARKETING'. I found this quite interesting and started research.

What is Digital Marketing?
It is the marketing of services, products or knowledge using internet, Smartphones, Ads and another digital medium. Earlier We are using 'Traditional Marketing Format to display services.
Digital Marketing techniques such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), E-commerce Marketing, Social Media marketing, E-Mail marketing, are common in this format.

How it helps?
let's suppose you are investing $1000 on advertising on a traditional platform such as TV, Radio, road banners, But you are not assured that you will get Your targeted audience attracted towards your service or product.
Now think You are investing $1000 in google ads or in SEO, You can target your Traffic and you will get more response to your product or service, as well as you can get details of your audience which you cant get in the traditional format.

Advance features-
This way save your time to connect with your audience
decreases money in advertising
get targeted audience
more time to engage with the audience and helps to make improvement in service or product.

Overall DIGITAL MARKETING is much better than traditional marketing.

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